St. Joseph’s Medical Center (A Story of Sylvia Rivera)

127 South Broadway, Yonkers In May 1995, both The New York Times and The Village Voice reported on a patient in the psychiatric ward of Saint Joseph’s Medical Center: Sylvia Rivera. Sylvia had sought refuge in the medical facility after an attempted suicide in the Hudson River. Her presence there manifested the important care that… Continue reading St. Joseph’s Medical Center (A Story of Sylvia Rivera)

The Playroom

590 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers In the 1970s and early 1980s, the Playroom was Westchester County’s most prominent gay bar. In 1973, Marty Chinitz, a gay man in his early 30s, borrowed money from his mother to open the establishment; at the time, it was the fifth bar in Westchester County to cater towards a mostly… Continue reading The Playroom

Halloween House

27 South Clinton Street, Poughkeepsie  In central Poughkeepsie, very close to the east-bound arterial, lies the ‘Witchcraft District,” an area with no formal boundaries that is home to a community of members of the Church of Satan. It is here that Satanists have found spaces to congregate, where black cloaks and bloody daggers are simply… Continue reading Halloween House