Glebe House, Poughkeepsie’s Oldest House

By Charlie Blim, Urban Studies, Class of 2024. On Main Street, in Poughkeepsie, stands Glebe House, the oldest building in the city. It’s been there far longer than the Family Dollar next to it, the popular Pete’s Famous Restaurant across the street, and the arterials that encircle them all. Glebe House dates back to the… Continue reading Glebe House, Poughkeepsie’s Oldest House

The Short-Lived Main Mall

By Arlo Lennert, Urban Studies, Class of 2025. Constructed in 1973, Poughkeepsie’s Main Mall ended in 2001. Established as an outdoor pedestrian shopping plaza, proponents viewed it as a way to reverse the decline of the central business district. It catered to affluent residents during the city’s final phase of urban renewal. Urban planners aimed… Continue reading The Short-Lived Main Mall