Warburton Building and Yonkers City Music Hall

45 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers Opened on April 14, 1884, what was officially known as the Yonkers City Music Hall was “a first-class concert hall,” in the words of one writer of the time. The venue was lavishly decorated, with a parquet floor, a balcony, and open boxes; it hosted Vaudeville shows, concerts, and community events.… Continue reading Warburton Building and Yonkers City Music Hall

Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Company

Nepperhan Avenue, between Axminster Street & Lake Avenue, Yonkers In June 1954, the Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Company, once Yonkers’ largest employer, announced it was ending operations in the city and moving to Greenville, Mississippi. At its peak just after World War II, the company operated on over 56 acres of floor space across… Continue reading Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Company

Waverly Street Armory

92 Waverly Street, Yonkers Constructed in 1886, the Waverly Street Armory was the first armory in Yonkers. With pointed turrets on each corner and iron gates, the massive building is reminiscent of a castle, and appears designed to intimidate. This fortress-like structure housed the Fourth Separate Company, a militia composed of local citizens and led… Continue reading Waverly Street Armory

Tioronda Hat Works Factory

555 South Avenue, Beacon In the early twentieth century, Beacon was the hat manufacturing capital of New York, second in the country only to Danbury, Connecticut. At Beacon’s manufacturing height, there were eleven hat factories in the small city. The factories were situated along the Fishkill Creek, which powered factory turbines and was a convenient… Continue reading Tioronda Hat Works Factory