Hudson Garden Apartments/Smith Street Housing Project

Smith Street (between Weed St. and Salt Point Turnpike), Poughkeepsie Formerly known as the Smith Street Housing Project, the Hudson Garden Apartments are a public housing development in Poughkeepsie. The apartment complex opened to its first residents in 1952, becoming the city’s first public housing project. The 185-unit complex was named after Poughkeepsie cough drop… Continue reading Hudson Garden Apartments/Smith Street Housing Project

Halloween House

27 South Clinton Street, Poughkeepsie  In central Poughkeepsie, very close to the east-bound arterial, lies the ‘Witchcraft District,” an area with no formal boundaries that is home to a community of members of the Church of Satan. It is here that Satanists have found spaces to congregate, where black cloaks and bloody daggers are simply… Continue reading Halloween House