Halloween House

27 South Clinton Street, Poughkeepsie  In central Poughkeepsie, very close to the east-bound arterial, lies the ‘Witchcraft District,” an area with no formal boundaries that is home to a community of members of the Church of Satan. It is here that Satanists have found spaces to congregate, where black cloaks and bloody daggers are simply… Continue reading Halloween House

The Alsdorf Family Homes

Washington Street, between Mill Street and William Street, Newburgh In the mid-nineteenth century, the Alsdorf family homes were important safe houses on the Underground Railroad. Many people escaping slavery through the Underground Railroad (a network of covert routes and safe houses) passed through the Hudson Valley on their journey northward. Those who did often went… Continue reading The Alsdorf Family Homes

Downing Park Urban Farm

207 Carpenter Street, Newburgh In 2015, the Newburgh Land Bank received a U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant to restore activity at the area of Downing Park where the Newburgh Greenhouses once sat. The following year, Newburgh Urban Farm and Food Initiative, a loose collaboration of community organizations and residents, started the Downing Park… Continue reading Downing Park Urban Farm